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Sonntag, 17. Juni 2012

MBM Surfdays

hope you're doing well guys =)
i just came back from the MBM surfdays @Portugal..
we had a lot of fun up there, enjoyed the surf & the sun!!!
check the picture gallery:

no words....fucking police
fells good to have you back MINI

Björn & Me "Z" shot ;)

the swiss guys @Arifana Beach
Amado Beach ...thx Hiasl

chillin at the rocks



early in the morning ....some workout

death dolphin =/
 awesome FingerFood

Quiksliver Surflodge ...night view

& yeah thank's to Christian for staying in the Quiksilver Surflodges and to the whole MBM crew

i had a great weekend at home as well, we got the hotest weekend this year so far....cheaaa =)
i went mountainbiking, played volleyball with my homeboys, had a great BBQ
had just a perfect weekend at home


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